Vocals: Finding the Golden Signal Path

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Vocals: Finding the Golden Signal Path

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This post focuses on the process of getting the vocal chain right for the given performer. The signal chain for vocals is probably one of the most important production choices in...

The Art of Comping: Creating Master Performances

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This post focuses on the technique of comping, or creating a composite performance from various elements of multiple performances. It used to be that in order to get a recording...

Predelay: Improve Clarity of ‘Verb

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This post focuses on the use of predelay to allow reverb to be added to a sound without muddying it up too much. A lot of producers are really reverb shy these days.  It’s...

Recording Guitar and Vox Simultaneously

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This post focuses on a technique for the tricky task of recording guitar and vocals at the same time. One of the classic tricky engineering situations is recording guitar and...


Stereo Image Placement = Much Better Mixing

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This post focuses on the placement of sounds in the stereo image during the mix process. Proper use of stereo imaging in a mix is probably almost as important (or even more...

Ribbon Mics: The Secret Weapon of the Mic Locker

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This post is going to highlight the ribbon microphone: the neglected and underutilized black-sheep citizen of the mic locker. If I do a session without using a ribbon mic, I get...