The Second Opinion of Friends and Colleagues

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The Second Opinion of Friends and Colleagues

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This post is about sharing our work with other musicians, producers, and folks in-the-know that we trust to get a second opinion on things. A couple of days ago I was sitting on...

Sampling: Legally Ambiguous Like Whoa

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This post focuses on the practice of sampling and its legal ramifications. Sampling has, for years, been a routine practice in the music industry.  Sampling is taking a part of...

Sample Rate and Bitrate: The Guts of Digital Audio

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This post focuses on the basics of digital audio: sample rate, bitrate, and how analog signals are represented digitally. We use digital audio all the time, but I am surprised on...

Roll Your Own Multitrack Drum Sample Kit

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This post describes how to create your own multitrack drum kits by creating and layering samples from existing multitrack drum recordings. Despite the samples being sequenced,...