Mono Sources in a Stereo World – Michael Franti @ RNC

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Mono Sources in a Stereo World – Michael Franti @ RNC

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Recently I was hired to finesse a rather rough live recording of Michael Franti‘s performance at the protest concert outside the Republican National Convention in 2008. ...

How to Create Depth in a Mix

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This post focuses on the topic of creating a sense of depth in mixes. It’s not too hard to make things sound big.  It’s not too hard to make things sound wide.  But...

Predelay: Improve Clarity of ‘Verb

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This post focuses on the use of predelay to allow reverb to be added to a sound without muddying it up too much. A lot of producers are really reverb shy these days.  It’s...

Adding Real Ambience After-the-Fact

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This post focuses on capturing ambience by playing back and re-recording sounds in acoustic spaces. The idea of piping sounds into a space and retracking it isn’t new by any...

Convolution: Untangling the Qualities of Sound

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This post focuses on convolution as it applies to audio – the capturing and reapplication of the qualities of sound. A few years ago some new-fangled audio processing...


Stereo Image Placement = Much Better Mixing

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This post focuses on the placement of sounds in the stereo image during the mix process. Proper use of stereo imaging in a mix is probably almost as important (or even more...

SysEx and MIDI Automation: Don’t Forget That Preset

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The focus of this post is on capturing SysEx information from external MIDI devices in order to have a record of your presets right in your session or automate the settings...

Automation: Enhancing, Creating Motion, Adding Flavor

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This post focuses on making your tracks sound more dynamic with automation. Automation has been with us for a long time. Before there were computers, it wasn’t too uncommon...