Review: Ohm Force Ohmicide Distortion Plugin

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Review: Ohm Force Ohmicide Distortion Plugin

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Last post I took some time to write up a review for Ohm Force‘s Symptohm synthesizer.  This time around I’ll be looking at their Ohmicide multiband distortion...

What’s this Class A, Class AB, Class B stuff?

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This post focuses on the basics of the differences between various amplifier (and preamplifier) types, namely class A, B, and AB. When we first start out learning about audio...

Convolution: Untangling the Qualities of Sound

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This post focuses on convolution as it applies to audio – the capturing and reapplication of the qualities of sound. A few years ago some new-fangled audio processing...

Ugly and Pretty: Exceptional Use of Diversity in Sound

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This post focuses on creating engaging sound for music production by combining pretty sounds and ugly sounds for contrast. Something that the most successful producers understand...