How to Create Depth in a Mix

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How to Create Depth in a Mix

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This post focuses on the topic of creating a sense of depth in mixes. It’s not too hard to make things sound big.  It’s not too hard to make things sound wide.  But...

Predelay: Improve Clarity of ‘Verb

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This post focuses on the use of predelay to allow reverb to be added to a sound without muddying it up too much. A lot of producers are really reverb shy these days.  It’s...

Subtly Using Delays to Add Energy

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This post focuses on using delays to subtly add or change the energy of a sound. I’m a big fan of delays. They add a lot of the depth and texture that people usually grab...

Stereo Microphone Techniques & Placement

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This post focuses on the various ‘standard’ ways to get a stereo image with microphones. A class-A stereo image is one of the holy grails of audio engineering....

Automation: Enhancing, Creating Motion, Adding Flavor

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This post focuses on making your tracks sound more dynamic with automation. Automation has been with us for a long time. Before there were computers, it wasn’t too uncommon...

Ugly and Pretty: Exceptional Use of Diversity in Sound

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This post focuses on creating engaging sound for music production by combining pretty sounds and ugly sounds for contrast. Something that the most successful producers understand...