Audio Adaptor Kits

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Audio Adaptor Kits

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I just put together an audio adaptor kit! For about the price of a couple of adaptors at Radio Shack I bought the kitchen sink from

Adaptors and Connectors to Have Around

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This post focuses on what sorts of adaptors or connectors you’ll likely want to have handy in your production studio. It’s usually cheaper and more flexible to have...

Idea: Rolling Tracking Station

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This post focuses on an idea I’ve had for a while: a rolling station that can be moved easily around the studio to ease tracking difficulty when working alone. One problem...

Properly Wrapping Cables: The Roadie Wrap (Video)

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This post focuses on wrapping cables so that they unravel easily without knots or annoying insulator memory. Roadie wrap! It’s way easier just to demonstrate with a...