The Importance of a Great Mixdown Before Mastering.

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In an ideal world once music has been mixed it would simply be committed to cd or uploaded ready for distribution. In some rare occasions this does happen, though it is fairly...

Kanye West: An Inspiring Look at Recontextualizing with Samples

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Love him or hate him, Kanye West does a great job of making catchy songs from classic samples. For me, being primarily a rock producer, I often neglect the inspiring sounding...

Making Synth Patches: Video Tutorials

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If you've ever wanted to learn more about the fundamental ingredients in making a synth patch, you owe it to yourself to check this series out....

How to Bounce or Consolidate Tracks for Archiving or Mixing

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One of the worst things to happen, in my opinion, is to have material locked in a particular proprietary DAW format.  Most DAW software stores its session data in...

Hammond B3 and Leslie Recording Techniques

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One of the most challenging and unique contemporary instruments that you’ll encounter working in professional studios is the Hammond B3 Organ and Lesie Cabinet combination....

DIY Acoustic Panel Bass Traps: Treating Your Room Right

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Build super-effective DIY bass traps acoustic treatments for around $75 a panel....

Audio Adaptor Kits

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I just put together an audio adaptor kit! For about the price of a couple of adaptors at Radio Shack I bought the kitchen sink from

The “Lost” Art of Audio Engineering: Drums, Live Music, iPods

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Recording studios are closing because the way we make music has changed. The perceived value of recorded music has changed. ...

Reaper: Leaner, Meaner, Cheaper, Than Cubase or Pro Tools

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Reaper is a leaner, meaner digital audio workstation than Pro Tools or Cubase without the hassles....

The Stereo Bus has a Mobile Theme

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I’ve added a mobile-friendly theme to The Stereo Bus!  Enjoy reading up with your iPhone or Android device.  Cheers....