Save Sound City (The Album): Dynamic Range


Save Sound City (The Album): Dynamic Range

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Dave Grohl loves analog recordings but, unfortunately, the CD release has fallen prey to "The Loudness Wars"....

Loudness War? Compare the Dynamics of Releases

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Useful website that aggregates information on the dynamics of various album releases as submitted by users....

The Importance of a Great Mixdown Before Mastering.

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In an ideal world once music has been mixed it would simply be committed to cd or uploaded ready for distribution. In some rare occasions this does happen, though it is fairly...

Mastering Session at Rare Form Mastering

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This post is about the mastering process for my latest EP.  The session was booked at Minneapolis’ Rare Form Mastering.  Greg Reierson took the helm and did a really solid...

Mastering Experiment: “But They Do” with the Focusrite Liquid Mix

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This post focuses on an experiment with my new Focusrite Liquid Mix, with which I mixed and mastered a song of mine that was in need of polishing. First of all, I will be out of...