A Guide to Creative Commons: Giving it Away

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A Guide to Creative Commons: Giving it Away

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This post focuses on Creative Commons, a collection of licenses designed help give creators of intellectual property the ability to reduce the strength of their copyright....

Picking a Place to Live (and Record)

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This post focuses on things to look for when you want to live and record in the same space. Not too many of us producer types actually have the benefit of a dedicated studio...

Insurance Got Your Back? Gear & Liability

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This post focuses on ways to insure your equipment and protect yourself from liability. I know insurance is probably the last thing on most people’s minds when they get into...

Sampling: Legally Ambiguous Like Whoa

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This post focuses on the practice of sampling and its legal ramifications. Sampling has, for years, been a routine practice in the music industry.  Sampling is taking a part of...