Better Reaper Mouse Editing on Apple Laptops


Better Reaper Mouse Editing on Apple Laptops

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I've spent some time customizing Reaper to iron out what I consider to be the big kinks it its editing...

How to Bounce or Consolidate Tracks for Archiving or Mixing

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One of the worst things to happen, in my opinion, is to have material locked in a particular proprietary DAW format.  Most DAW software stores its session data in...

Reaper: Leaner, Meaner, Cheaper, Than Cubase or Pro Tools

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Reaper is a leaner, meaner digital audio workstation than Pro Tools or Cubase without the hassles....

How to Group Tracks to Save DAW CPU

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This post focuses on how to group tracks to save CPU or DSP processing. When I first started mixing using a computer, I would throw up inserts on everything.  Everything was...


Synchronization of DAWs with MTC & MMC

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This post focuses on the use of MIDI Time Code (MTC) and MIDI Machine Control (MMC) to synchronize multiple DAWs together. SMPTE timecode was create for the purpose of...

11 Important DAW Maintenance Tips

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This post focuses on some basic techniques for keeping your DAW running in primo shape. It’s easy to take our computers for granted, but sometimes it seems like if you turn...

Quieting Your Computer and Noisy Gear

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This post focuses on how to reduce the noise produced by gear, thus producing cleaner recordings. Anyone who has worked on audio with a typical desktop PC gets to know the hum and...