What’s this Class A, Class AB, Class B stuff?


What’s this Class A, Class AB, Class B stuff?

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This post focuses on the basics of the differences between various amplifier (and preamplifier) types, namely class A, B, and AB. When we first start out learning about audio...

How to Safely Put a Microphone on a Stand

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This post is a video on how to safely mount a mic on a stand. The initial impulse of most people is to rotate the mic to screw it on the stand. This isn’t the best way to do...

Quieting Your Computer and Noisy Gear

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This post focuses on how to reduce the noise produced by gear, thus producing cleaner recordings. Anyone who has worked on audio with a typical desktop PC gets to know the hum and...

11 Pointers for Buying and Selling Gear

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This post focuses on some tips for getting the most for your equipment when you decide to flip it on the market. I worked in used music store for three years not only as a...