Better Reaper Mouse Editing on Apple Laptops


Better Reaper Mouse Editing on Apple Laptops

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I've spent some time customizing Reaper to iron out what I consider to be the big kinks it its editing...

Mic Placement for Metal Guitar (Video)

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A brilliant video on mic placement & axis positioning for recording metal guitars....

Mixing with Headphones: Avoiding Disaster

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If you absolutely must mix with headphones, here are some tips to help avoid the biggest mistakes people make....

How to Bounce or Consolidate Tracks for Archiving or Mixing

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One of the worst things to happen, in my opinion, is to have material locked in a particular proprietary DAW format.  Most DAW software stores its session data in...

Audio Adaptor Kits

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I just put together an audio adaptor kit! For about the price of a couple of adaptors at Radio Shack I bought the kitchen sink from

Reaper: Leaner, Meaner, Cheaper, Than Cubase or Pro Tools

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Reaper is a leaner, meaner digital audio workstation than Pro Tools or Cubase without the hassles....

Review: Ohm Force Ohmicide Distortion Plugin

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Last post I took some time to write up a review for Ohm Force‘s Symptohm synthesizer.  This time around I’ll be looking at their Ohmicide multiband distortion...

Review: Ohm Force Symptohm Synth Plugin

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The guys over at Ohm Force, an indie plugin development group out of Paris, asked me if I wanted to do a review of some of their plugins.  I was happy to do so, as long as I...

How Do I Get My Songs to Play at the Same Volume?

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This article isn’t about mastering a CD so that the songs are all at the same perceived volume, it’s about getting your music collection to play back at reasonable...

How to Add a Subwoofer to Your Monitor System

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So you want to add a subwoofer to your monitor setup? Studio subwoofers can be tricky things that require a little bit of audio soul searching, auditioning, and planning to pull...