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Better Reaper Mouse Editing on Apple Laptops


I spent the past month bouncing back and forth between Reaper and Pro Tools.  They both have pros and cons.

The main thing I like about Pro Tools is the editing functionality.  It’s really solid.  What I don’t like about Pro Tools is the audio engine and the file IO.  I find Pro Tools will grind to a halt under loads that Reaper is happy to play.  And Reaper’s ‘offline’ rendering of mixes saves a lot of time when you’re really pushing your machine because it doesn’t have to run in realtime (and isn’t subject to the CPU buffering errors you can get in PT).  Reaper also has some great features like exporting consolidated FLAC archives or CUE/BIN masters.  Thats way cool.

And of course having an iLok hanging out of your laptop all the time is a downer, too.  I feel like I’m gonna smack that thing someday and it’ll just break right off in the USB slot.

So, I’ve spent some time customizing Reaper to iron out what I consider to be the big kinks it its editing.  The most frustrating things for me were the mouse scrolling with my Macbook Pro’s multitouch trackpad.

The two-finger scrolling was different than the rest of the OSX “Lion” style applications and I found the “ignore after multi-touch” features were causing my scrolling to jump all over the place and basically driving me crazy.

These changes alone, for me, made the program much more usable:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 1.30.51 PM