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Steve Albini Dishes on His Approach to Recording Drums

Albini’s beautifully opinionated approach to recording is perhaps most evident recording drums, capturing the instrument in a way that sounds authentic to the musician playing the instrument.

Also fascinating are some discussion on the physics of drums, the intricacies of phase with drum recordings, obscure types of microphones, and his mic preferences.

My favorite takeaway trick is how he uses a compressor sidechained to the snare to attenuate the batter mic on the kick in order to reduce the snare noise in that channel.


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Steve Albini Dishes on His Approach to Recording Drums

  1. las artes says:

    First: what is Auto Talk Back? Suppose you have a singer in the booth, and you want to be able to talk to him as soon as recording the current take finishes. Normally you would have a microphone sitting next to you, with an on/off switch. As soon as the take is finished, you hit the ‘on’ switch, and anything you say is routed through your console and can be heard in the booth. Obviously you want to switch the microphone off again when starting a new take, so that noise from the control room doesn’t disturb the recording.

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