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Mic Placement for Metal Guitar (Video)

Metalhead029 on YouTube has put together a brilliant video on mic placement & axis positioning for recording metal guitars.  I haven’t seen anyone demonstrate the differences as clearly as this before.

Check it after the jump.

Sounds great, Metalhead029!  Thanks for putting that together.

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Mic Placement for Metal Guitar (Video)

  1. This is really helpful thanks!
    Question about quality: is it better to plug in the guitar straight into an audio interface and record from that instead of from an amp?

  2. Dan Connor says:

    It depends on what you’re going for. Most of the time you want to mic up an amp. If you have an “instrument” input on your interface you can record your guitar straight into it and use a plugin to simulate the sound of an amplifier. Or you can “reamp” the sound by piping the direct audio out of your interface and into an amplifier.

  3. Jamie says:

    I totally agree I’m a big fan of the 57 on axis. I sometimes also use a 58 for this as well along with a 4050.

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