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Bandize: Useful Tools for Professional & Touring Bands

Last month I spent some time looking around for useful tools to make it easier for my band to do its thing when we hit the road next Summer.  I remembered seeing an interesting web-app on one of the social news sites that was basically like Base Camp for bands.  After doing some digging, I found it again.  Bandize is an all-in-one set of tools for managing a professional band.

It includes stuff like a gear list with serial numbers, a task manager, calendar, tour planning, accounting, show sync between social networking sites, and an internal message board for the group.  It’s true that you could set up this kind of software on your own using something like Google Docs & Google Calendar or using some of the free open-source software out there.  But there’s no denying the usefulness of having all this information and utility in one place.  Plus, it provides separate logins for each band member.  It’s pretty cool.  The current rate for the service is $15/month.  I’m not sure if we’ll continue beyond our 30 day trial, at least not until we hit the road, but it’s really awesome to see folks trying to make it easier for indie bands to do their thing.

What’s the most important feature I think it’s missing?  A good mobile interface.  It’s pretty tricky to use with a smart phone and wifi can be sparse while on the road.

But, if you’re a band looking get to organized, Bandize is an amazing resource.

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Bandize: Useful Tools for Professional & Touring Bands

  1. Yeah, the mobile interface would probably be the number one selling point for me too. All of these features are a lot less impressive if you have to use a laptop.

    Otherwise, it sounds like an awesome program.

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