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Stretches for Producers

This post focuses on some stretches you can do to stay healthy when hunched over gear for long periods at a time.

Whether you’re slumped over a mixing console, a rack of gear, or a computer, producers and engineers spend a lot of time in awkward, non-ergonomic positions. So, for a bit of an odd entry, I would like to share some stretches that will help keep you from getting stiff or sore.

My mum actually was a personal trainer for several years, so I was taught a lot of techniques for healthy posture (I was a hardcore computer geek before my rockstar high school years). I was going to post photos of myself doing these stretches, but I found a few websites that have already done that work for me. So I’m simply going to link to those. Hopefully the information will remain online for a good while. If you’re reading this and the posts have gone down, please comment.

Stretches to Improve Your ‘Hunched over the PC’ Posture’“and

Simple Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk for Increased Energy

are both great posts on the subject.

Incidentally, these stretches will also help ‘guitar shoulder’ whereby your fretting arm is used to being stretched out and your picking arm is used to being compressed. Isn’t it crazy how many things we do are unergonomic? We have to stay limber while we still can!

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Stretches for Producers

  1. Joga Luce says:

    Thanks. I’m a programmer by profession and a producer by hobby. This will help both.

    Also often overlooked is eyestrain. Visual clutter, poor lighting, bad contrast [too low or too high] and a slew of other things not only put strain on your eyes, they are psychologically taxing.

    Even something as simple as color coding can make a drastic improvement and help with visual acquisition.

    Don’t have any links handy though. Thanks for bringing this up.

    Love the site by the way.

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