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Idea: Rolling Tracking Station

This post focuses on an idea I’ve had for a while: a rolling station that can be moved easily around the studio to ease tracking difficulty when working alone.

One problem that I’ve run into is that, when working in a studio setup that includes a control room and a tracking room, it becomes very difficult to track in the tracking room by yourself.  Changing preamp settings, controlling the DAW, and monitoring all get complicated when working alone.  For a while now I’ve had an idea to create a rolling station to add on to my standard DAW setup.

Behold by incredible illustrative prowess…

Rolling Station

Basically, it consists of a monitor, a keyboard and mouse set, a rackmount preamp, a rackmount patchbay, some storage, an eight channel snake which runs to a cable on a pulley (that goes to the control room), PS/2 and USB extension cables, and a set of wheels under it all.

This way, one can sit in the tracking room and control one’s entire session without leaving one’s seat.

I’ve also considered doing some of this with a laptop networked wirelessly to the DAW via VNC or some other similar remote control software. But, the appeal of that setup would be its wireless nature… but you’d still have to get the audio back to the control room somehow, thus defeating a large chunk of the coolness. The benefit of running the cable to the pulley system on the ceiling is to keep cables off the ground and to aide in rolling it from place to place in the room.

Someday I want to build this when I once again have a studio set up that includes a control room and a tracking room.