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Properly Wrapping Cables: The Roadie Wrap (Video)


This post focuses on wrapping cables so that they unravel easily without knots or annoying insulator memory. Roadie wrap!

It’s way easier just to demonstrate with a video…

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Properly Wrapping Cables: The Roadie Wrap (Video)

  1. bryan tewell says:

    My teacher at school (Mark Rubel) taught me that technique. I understand the importance of it (it helps the cables lay flat on the floor). But I have the opposite problem I get TONS of knots when I undo the cable. Maybe I just dont let it go the right way or something… I dunno.

  2. Dan Connor says:


    I think the main thing is making sure that your coils all line up sequentially and don’t overlap. Some insulator types seem to work better than others, too. Like tweed cables seem to work very well.

  3. bryan tewell says:

    i have noticed that my tweed cables do tolerate that better.

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